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Conservation Biology: A Primer for Nepal
Richard B. Primack, Prakash K. Paudel, BP Bhattarai

Conservation biology in Nepal has recently been integrated in the undergraduate and graduate programs of various disciplines. Traditional courses (e.g., zoology, botany, forestry, social science and rural development, etc.) are being updated, allowing the principles of conservation biology to reach a wider audience. However, conservation materials with a focus on Nepal are unavailable and desperately needed. This is because most of the important advances in conservation biology have occurred elsewhere in the world, and these are the examples included in standard textbooks.

The book also provides the latest information about social, policy, and economic issues in Nepal as  they  relate  to  conservation  biology.  The book also includes numerous new full-color illustrations, photos and artworks from Nepal. It is hope that this book will make a useful contribution to conservation education in Nepal.

An online log of corrections to “Conservation Biology: A Primer for Nepal” is available [here]
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